7 Days with an iPhone 4 Makes One Weak

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Tech Talk, XX

Chat with Kartik on Thursday, June 24, 2010
Kartik: Thought I’d just sign on rather than get a million texts from you. But yeah. Anyway, this display is so good.
me: wooow.
Sent at 1:52 PM on Thursday
Kartik: It actually hurts to look at my old phone. Like the other one doesn’t have the color contrast and the text is unbelievably clear.
me: wooow.
Kartik: Someone said that once you use this screen you can’t go back. I believe it.
me: cool.
Kartik: Hopefully I’ll be able to use the iPad. This phone is also so fast. And I don’t know if your phone does this or not but when browsing the web you don’t have to reload if you switch between tabs. It keeps everything. Memory upgrade amazing.
me: cool.
Sent at  1:57 PM on Thursday
Kartik: The screen is so nice.
me: I heard something about it being yellow?
Kartik: It’s hard to do things on your laptop afterward because the display isn’t as nice.
me: haha
Kartik: I’m actually serious. This is a huge problem.
Sent at 4:10 PM on Thursday
me: if you can’t handle your phone, just give it to me
Kartik: Literally I’m seeing pixels everywhere.
me: my condolences


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